Stephen Regina

Stephen Regina was born in Houston, Texas in September 1988. He had played the cello for a year while in third grade, but did not want to continue. In 1999 when his grandfather, Pietro Regina, passed away he received an accordion as a legacy. Stephen was immediately taken by this strange and unknown instrument. He begged his father to find him a teacher until his father complied. He began taking lessons with Mario Pedone in November 1999, and his love for the instrument has grown along with his skill.
In January 2004 Stephen acquired a new accordion  Serenellini “Sera”, an accordion with 5 treble reeds without a tone chamber, so that he can play with the French Musette sound and yet still retain the full and clear sound of a normal accordion.

Stephen’s musical interest include a broad range of Modern American, Jazz, Italian, French, German, Russian and Latin American songs.

In May 2005, in a competition among all the best French students in the greater Houston area, he was selected by the American Association of  Teachers of French as one of three winners of a scholarship to France. To increase is knowledge and appreciation of French culture, in July, Stephen spent 3 weeks living with a French family as an exchange student.  To learn more about his French experience click on the “Passport to Learning” tab.

In the fall semester of 2007, Stephen will begin his studies at Trinity University in San Antonio.