Rex Corson

I live in the deep south of NZ. I am a businessman in the motor industry and am also interested in stud sheep farming.

I played in dance bands in my early days as a backing muso with an electronic accordion in organ mode and rotating Leslie speakers. Never had serious accordion tuition but was taught by a salvation army lady a few rudiments and how to play bass properly. I had not played for many years. and I became interested in the accordion again about four years ago after seeing a chromatic model on the internet. I thought this was going to be easy being able to play the same key pattern for any given key signature. After six months I found I didn’t have to think, same scale pattern for all keys and the same chord pattern for all chords. This concerned me as I felt it wasn’t intuitive so I purchased a piano model and became a more serious player. I practice for six hours a night normally seven nights a week of which one hour of that would be scales, chords, arpeggios etc and the remaining time is spent in playing and recording.

Some time ago I started a correspondence courseĀ  and really have learnt more from him than anybody else. Prior to this it was a struggle to get the correct directive especially having no teachers available within a hundred & fifty miles.
I can read music quite well but not a rapid reader, I tend to commit to memory very quickly and can pick up most music by listening. I have four accordions. Three Titano, of which one is chromatic ‘C system’ with Midi and the one I play most is a Beltuna Prestige, chambered, LMMM, musette, it also has midi. I use a Ketron X4 synthesizer.

My Favorite players are Michael Ganian who was unfortunately taken from the accordion world , Sandy Brechin who plays Celtic rock and Pasquale Coviello who is an inspiration.