Mario Pedone is the Founder and President of the Houston Accordion Club and a Professor of Accordion.

Milton Wright is the Sheriff of Fort Bend County. He loves polkas and performs regularly in Fort Bend County area.

Vince Ramos is Master of Cerimonies and is a representative of accordion and keyboard manufacturers

Stephen Regina received an accordion as gift from his grandfather when he was 11 years old and has been a student of Mario ever since. He has an affinity for the French language and music.

Joe Brikha played the accordion as a teenager. But luckily for us, with the support of his wife, he has rekindled is love for music. Joe is also a student of Mario.

Dolores Baumann has recently begun studying music and accordion and is a student of Mario.

Becky Simmons has been an accordion lover for a long time,but began taking lessons from Mario in October 2003.

Tom Zeracheck returned to the accordion after a 40 years and is having a great time getting to know the music, the instrument and the people.

Dr. Daniel Corredor acquired his first accordion as a young man by trading his bicycle and his love for music has endured through the years.

Liberty Palileo

Lorine Smith has been playing a diatonic accordion since she was sixteen years old and performs regularly in the Houston area.

Tom Jones

Jorge Ortiz

Ross plays a bayan and a piano accordion.

June Gentry

Joe Regina is the Treasurer &Webnaster of FBCAC and has been taking lessons from Mario since June of 2004.

Marilyn Monsivais is famous for her enthusiasm with the accordion and her stump fiddle creation. She is also a student of Mario.

Peter Widmark

Pino Virga is a native of beautiful Sicily and a professional accordion player that performs nightly at Carmello’s Italian Restaurant.

Wolf Kayser has been playing since he was a child and his enthusiasm most be contagious because his son Blair is also a virtuoso.

Blair Kayser has been playing the accordion since he was four years old. Eleven years later he’s still going strong.

Jerry Sanchez is a professional piano player, but he also plays the Jazz on the accordion like he really wants to start a riot.

George Chernenko

John Helton has been playing the violin for over 50 years and playing and teaching the piano for 40 years, but about 5 years ago he decided to give the accordion a try.

Phillip Goza

Charles Sudholt

Pedro Gemin was born in Peru but makes his home in Houston now and is an enthusiastic accordion player.

Patsy (aka Amazing) Grace