Friends of HAC

Gary Blair started playing the accordion at the age of 8 and was taught by his late father Jimmy Blair who ran a huge Accordion school in Glasgow, Scotland. Gary continues to play professionally to this day.

Nils-Helge Brede lives in Forde, Norway and is a self-taught accordionist that loves to entertain people and has been doing so since 1965, when he founded the Brede Trio.

Gary Dahl is widely known accordionist, composer, arranger, recording artist and music educator. He resides in Puyallup, Washington near Seattle he provides lessons by correspondence for students worldwide.

John Dickson has been playing the accordion since he was a teenager and he is now retired. He is the co-founder of the Perth Accordion Club. He enjoys making music and watching his fruit orchard grow.

Henry Doktorski has been playing the accordion since he was 7 years old and he is now a professor of music at Duquesne University in Pittsburg, PA and performs extensively both in the US and Europe.

Jessica Faltot started playing a concertina at four years of age.She is classically trained and has competed at the US division championships. She plays a beautiful free-reed Titano.

Len Imbery has recently returned to the accordion after a 25 years. He loves to make music on his Titano reedless and Castiglione Gold accordions. He also has a passion for digital video.

Mark Kenneth is a Scott that is now living in Dallas. He loves celtic music and he plays regularly around Texas with his band Jiggernaut.

John Kiezun hails from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, loves to play and work on accordions during those long Canadian winters.

Greg Klugiewicz

Volodymyr Kurylenko has been playing a bayan since he was 9 years old and is currently touring Europe performing in various cities.

Henry Laurito started taking accordion lessons when he was 17 years old and his love for music has endured the test of time.

Dr. D

Bruce Metras has returned to his accordion after a 35 year absence. His enthusiasm for music is evident by the numerous songs he has recorded and generously shared.

Mike O’Regan lives in England and has had an on/off affair with the accordion since 1945. He also has a passion for digital photography.

Leo Psutka

Gary Racicot (Doc) started playing at age 11, and through the years has taught and enjoyed many different styles of music but has always came back to Jazz.

Janet Todd has enjoyed a long carreer as a professional accordionist.

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